How and when can I play it?

When is the public alpha release going to happen I hear you say? The bugs from the 0.4 feature list implementation are being worked on at the moment.

Our hope is a launch by the end of January / beginning of February but that all depends on our todo list and how fast it gets done: 0.4 Kanban board

When its launch time we will post links to our version of the byond hub (called the Station Hub) here on the website.

We will announce in discord and on our subreddit when the alpha version is ready.

If you are a unity developer and would like to help out with the polishing and bug fixing for the 0.4 release then drop into our discord or view the current open tickets in the project linked above.

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Space Station 13, the greatest clown simulator ever created, or atmos simulator? Who knows, but if you have ever played SS13 before you can agree on one thing and that is that BYOND sucks! This is where unitystation comes in. Started in November 2016 unitystation has endeavored to ensure SS13 has a long and prosperous future outside of Byond by cloning the /TG/ source to Unity.

A lot of work has been completed since its humble beginnings in 2016 and we are fast approaching our first public alpha release on our version of the byond hub called the Station Hub. The project has a growing and dedicated community of contributors who are eager to see this thing become a reality. Best of all it is all open source and available on GitHub.

But the journey to Version 1.0 is still a long one and this is where patreon comes in. Funds raised will be used to place 'Bounties' on each TODO ticket that will provide an incentive for contributors to complete work a lot sooner then what would of occurred. We call this the Nanotrasen Bounty System. Code submitted for each ticket will be peer reviewed before the bounty is awarded. On top of this patrons will have a say in the development of unitystation with larger donors having more power. Having the NBS system means unitystation can achieve version 1.0 at lightning speed while also rewarding those who take the time out to contribute!

All transactions will be made visible and public on our discord channel.

Server List (dev only, public server coming soon):